• For Ages Birth to 8 yrs or more!
  • “Original” Apple apple Aaa  Phonics song!
  • Relaxing music soothes while it teaches!
  • Letter sounds, addition, opposites!
  • Spanish, manners and more!
  • Great for bed time and nap time!
  • Listen to SOUND CLIPS below!

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Product Description

Preview some songs below.

Muffin Man
Adding ThingsI Love You So Much
Alphabet Sounds
Counting by 10s
Months of the Year
Where Has My Little Dog Gone?Opposites
1-10 in Spanish
Buenos Dias
Magic Words(Manners)
Sweet Dreams
Three Little KittensCounting 1-30*I Had a Little Nut Tree
Hey Diddle DiddleABC Chant
Hickory Dickory Dock
Twelve MonthsCounting Sheep 1-30

Additional Information

Additional Information

SOUNDS LIKE FUN offers a tender learning experience for children from birth to eight years old.  SLF was sold exclusively by Discovery Toys from 1984 until 2010. It was a best seller for them! Nearly 2 million copies sold worldwide! If you want the “original” CD, this is the one to buy. If you wish to evaluate the new version, check out SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING CD.

SOUNDS LIKE FUN  has wonderful and relaxing songs that teach young minds. Makes a great baby shower gift!

Barbara’s soothing voice, singing with a slow, repetitious, and relaxing tempo is what makes this CD unique. Your young child needs and loves this kind of music! No pressure, just relaxed learning! Listen to the sound clips to get a feel for the flavor of this music. Remember, this music was not created to please adults! The repetition may drive you crazy, but it is a must to help your young one. The first five years are critical to your child’s mind development. SLF has a great track record for doing doing just that.

Grandparents, mothers, teachers and babysitters love SLF!

3 reviews for SOUNDS LIKE FUN CD

  1. 5 out of 5

    I purchased “Sounds Like Fun” on cassette for my children back in the 1980’s, and even saved it for the future grandchildren since I thought it was so special. Needing a CD these days, I was delighted to find it online, especially when I heard my one year old grandson was not taking to long car rides very well. Sure enough, one long drive and an antsy toddler later, it has proved itself with the new generation also. As my daughter-in-law said, Barbara’s voice is so soothing and pleasant. I will surely order another when my next child starts a family also. In addition, it is a good source of easy to remember songs to sing to your little one whenever you wish. (I’m trying to give this a five star rating but am not sure that aspect is working correctly.)

  2. 4 out of 5

    I had the cassette tape as a kid in the 1980s and have enjoyed hearing my 2.5 year old son sing “Apple Apple a a a”. He really likes music so it’s nice to add this to the rotation. I’m trying to reinforce the letter sounds he’s learning in preschool and this has been really good for that. I remembered singing the counting by tens song long after I was past the age range of this cd, too!

  3. 5 out of 5

    I used “Sounds Like Fun” in my first grade classroom for years as a teaching tool. I loved to hear my students chanting the Alphabet Song on the playground. Now my grandchildren enjoy hearing me sing those very same songs ! Glad to know a cd is available !

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