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Teaching Mama’s five ways to teach the alphabet are…

  1. Sing Songs – Best way to introduce your children to letters.  Her children love Barbara Milne’s Sounds Like Learning CD which has the ‘Alphabet Song’.
  2. Read ABC Books – Repetition in reading all types of alphabet books help children learn the sounds.
  3. Make Sand Paper Letters – Helps your child see how a letter is shaped and the direction they go both uppercase and lower case letters.  She also includes ways you can use the cards while teaching your kids.
  4. Create Alphabet Boxes – Alphabet boxes are filled with items that start with the letter you want to teach.
  5. Make an Alphabet Book – Create your own alphabet book with your child.

It is known that preschoolers should know how to…

  • Recite/sing the alphabet
  • Identify uppercase letters
  • Identify lowercase letters
  • Match uppercase letters to lowercase letters
  • Identify the sounds each letter makes

…before kindergarten.

Check out Teaching Mama’s article for more detailed instructions and explanations for our five ways to teach the alphabet.


Teaching the alphabet is foundational for reading and writing. I’m sure you would agree with me that learning the alphabet is important. Some kids catch onto learning letters very quickly and others need more repetition and time. Here’s what a preschooler should know before Kindergarten: Recite/sing the alphabet, Identify uppercase letters, Identify lowercase …

Source: 5 Ways to Teach the Alphabet – Teaching Mama