Barbara Milne: Educator, Author, Singer, Songwriter

BARBI 2-3 2015Hello! I am Barbara Milne. Welcome to the growing number of parents who want to give their children a learning advantage!

 Do you find yourself with less and less time to spend with your children? I can offer some help! As a mother and teacher I found greater demands placed on my time. But, I also knew that the early years of  my daughter’s life were important. In my classroom, I had seen the difference between children entering with a rich preschool background and those with very little experience. With that knowledge, I was determined to provide my daughter with an abundant exposure to language, math, and reading readiness. I also wanted her to have a thoughtfulness for others, thrive in school and make friends as well.

 Because I loved music so much, I began to make up songs to teach her these valuable skills. I sang them to her at bedtime, nap time and in the car. As the number of songs grew, I created a cassette tape so she could listen as she went to sleep. Brilliant!  She loved her “musical school” at bedtime! She learned every new thing I would add. The amazing thing was that she did it all so easily and without pressure!

Thus began my mission to share this delightful and relaxing method of learning with as many children as possible. My auditory and phonics products offer this relaxed  learning experience without pressure! I am the vocalist and composer for the original songs on all my products.


Barbara Milne has a background in children’s music, early childhood education and psychology, with a degree in education from the University of Southern California. She also has many years  of experience as an elementary teacher and Parent Ed. preschool instructor. Mrs. Milne has developed these musical Cds, videos and children’s books to enhance early learning through relaxing music. She also created a proprietary product for Discovery Toys called Sounds Like Fun. This auditory CD has become a standard in their line since 1984 and has been used in millions of households all over the world. All of the auditory products offer a relaxed and tender learning experience that helps children learn without any pressure!