Get your preschooler to bed earlier! Great results!!!


WebMD News from HealthDay By Mary Elizabeth Dallas HealthDay Reporter THURSDAY, July 14, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Sending preschoolers off to bed early may bring them an unexpected benefit: less chance of obesity when they are teens. So suggests research that compared preschoolers who went to bed at 8 p.m. with same-age kids who had later bedtimes. A team at … Read More

Slow, repetitious music helps your child’s brain development!

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Many top educational researchers recommend integrating music into phonological awareness instruction. These researchers recommend songs, and specifically rhyming songs, as an effective mechanism for building phonemic awareness with children in early childhood classrooms (Adams, Foorman, Lundberg & Beele. Building an understanding of the sounds within words must begin with an ability to discriminate similarities and differences in sounds. Not surprisingly, … Read More

How do you teach phonics?


How do you teach phonics? QUICK ANSWER To teach phonics, educate children on how to find patterns in the English language through visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning activities. Start with simple letter and short vowel sounds, and then move on to more complicated consonant blends and long vowel combinations. KNOW MORE KEEP LEARNING Is it easy to learn how to … Read More