General FAQ’s
1. Many experts agree that 50% of a child’s IQ is formulated before the age of 5 years. A person’s capacity to learn is NOT fixed. A more active preschool environment can increase a child’s IQ. The human brain is a unique container in that the more it is given, the more it can hold.

2. Children will excel in school if they have a stimulating home in the preschool years. In other words, they need a rich variety of experiences, such as playing with toys and friends, reading books, problem solving and listening to music.

1. Play your CDs regularly at nap and bedtime…also during quiet times of the day. They also make great background music for playtime.
2. If your child sleeps over at someone’s house, send a CD along. It will provide a feeling of security and comfort at bedtime.
3. Play the CD in the car, especially on long drives. It has an amazing calming effect!
Yes there are. Some suggestions are listed below. To locate these songs, check the details of each CD.

“Addition Song” (On CD#20004 Phonics & More)

1. Act this one out with fingers, pictures, or the actual items in the song (cookies, flowers, peanuts, etc.)
2. You can turn the CD player off after each question to count your items or fingers. To encourage this type of problem solving, make up math questions from everyday life.

 How many shoes do you have? One right and one left. How many is that altogether. Other ideas: Setting the table, buying fruit in the grocery store, etc. How many forks do we need? How many spoons etc.? Let’s buy 3 apples and 3 oranges. How many is that altogether?

“Letter Sounds” (On CD #20004 Phonics @ More)

1. Say the letter sounds with your children, especially the quiet sounds p, s, f, h, t, v, x, and z which are difficult to hear on the CD. When they see your mouth form the sounds, they can copy you.
2. Do NOT let any sound come after the consonant itself. FOR EXAMPLE: Say p- and not pu. Then later they will sound out the word pat as p a t and not p u a t

“Months of the Year”
 (On CD item 20005 Skill With Frills)

1. Show your children a real calendar and read the months in order.
2. Count the months on the calendar.
3. Help children learn the month and day of their own birthday.
4. Later they can learn the month and day of special holidays.

 (Found on all CD’s)

(For counting songs, write the following in large red or black numerals and use pennies or nickels or other objects like pasta, Cheerios etc.)

“Counting Sheep 1-30” (CD #2003 Rhymes & Riddles)

Write 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc. all the way to 30. (Use pennies.)

“We Can Count by 5’s” (CD #20004 Phonics & More)

Write 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 etc. (Use nickels)

“Counting by 2’s” (CD #20005 Skills With Frills)

Write 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc. (Use pennies.)

“Opposites” (CD #20005 Skills With Frills
1. Talk about and act out simple opposites like “Jump up, jump (down)”
2. Experience the actual opposites in the song and talk about them.
Example: Let your children feel a “smooth” leaf. Then touch a “rough” tree trunk. Say “smooth and rough” and talk about how different they are.

“Como te llamas” (CD #20004 Phonics & More)

Talk about the meaning, Como te llamas?, what is your name? Encourage them to ask a child at school that speaks Spanish, “Como te llamas?”

“Hola mi amigo”
 (CD #20003 Rhymes & Riddles)

Talk about the meaning, Hola mi amigo, hello my friend. Look on a map or globe to find places where people speak Spanish. (Spain, Mexico, South America, etc.)

There are many other things you can do with your child while using these CDs if you are willing and have the time to interact. If not, remember, the beauty of these CD’s is that you can play them and your child will learn without pressure!

They have the same songs except Sounds Like Learning has an updated version of the “Apple Apple A a a “ phonics song (which is called “Letter Sounds” on Sounds Like Fun).

The updated version has new pictures which were carefully chosen to offer two valuable features:
a.  The pictures look more like the actual letter and and have a “Hidden Letter” inside
the picture. This “mnemonic” device makes it easier for children to remember the shape of the letter AND the sound as a unit.

b. Children can “act out” the letters with their hands which engages them actively and increases retention. For example: Bb = Rocking a baby in your arms, Dd = Pretending to
be a T-Rex dinosaur with 2 claws on each hand, Ff = Making a flower open from a closed hand (a bud) to open fingers (an open flower with petals)
*These can be seen on youtube. Look for Apple Apple a a a with interactive hand motions.

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