A Key to Helping Your Child Succeed in School

Barbara MilneParenting

Through all my years of teaching, I would always have one or two children who stood out abovethe rest. They were more attentive, always raised their hands with information to add to our class lessons and did well with their work. The key difference was the degree of involvement their parents had in their education.
In the early years, one of the best routines to establish is reading as much as possible. Even tiny children’s brains are growing every time you spend reading.

I used to go to the library, check out the maximum number of books allowed, and read at least two or more books a day. If some books were too wordy, I changed them to make them more age appropriate.

As children get older, you can get books from different subjects like science and biographies of famous people in our country’s history. That’s a sure way to increase their participation in school discussions around our president’s holidays. Biographies are also a wonderful way to reinforce how hard work and perseverance lead to great accomplishments.