YouTube DVD Set of 12 Videos


This DVD includes all 12 of Barbara Milne's YouTube videos and is now in HD.
A great tool to help children learn basic skills through repetition, music and video.

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YouTube DVD Set is in High Definition

YouTube Video DVD Set  is a great learning tool to be used at home or in the classroom. All of Barbara’s videos are on this DVD set!

Grandparents, mothers and babysitters love these videos!

This UPDATED 12 Video DVD Set from YouTube is a great learning tool to be used at home or in the classroom. It is high definition and looks great on the big screen.

This UPDATED 12 Video set includes:

1. “Alphabet Sounds” from SOUNDS LIKE FUN
2. “Apple Apple Aaa” from SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING
3. “Apple Apple Aaa with D’Nelian Letters.”SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING
4. “A is For Apple: Upper Case letters” from No Fret Alphabet,
5. “A is For Apple: Lower Case letters” from No Fret Alphabet,
6. “Adding Things” from SOUNDS LIKE FUN.
7. “That Pesky Fly” from Fingerplays & Fun,
8. “Counting Song, 1,2,3,4,5 from Fingerplays & Fun,
9. “Counting by 10’s” from Sounds Like Learning,
10. “Opposites Are Fun” from Sounds Like Learning,
11. “Oodles of Opposites” from the Opposites Are Fun book and
12. “I Love You So Much” from the both SOUNDS LIKE FUN and SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING CD’s.


Twenty five million plus people from all over the world have looked at my videos on YouTube, and I now offer them in HD for your own personal use or school use.

As mentioned above, there are now 12 videos. The first five videos offer phonemic help with the original phonics song called Alphabet Sounds from SOUNDS LIKE FUN CD. This was the original classic and has sold millions. Next is the updated version with hidden letters in the artwork that helps the child decode the letters and sounds more effectively. This new version is now more popular than the original and is helping children and adults from all over the world learn the American English sounds they need to speak the language properly. Has been amazingly effective! The third video is a copy of the second, except with D’Nealian letter styles. Check out the benefits! The next two alphabet videos deal with upper and lower case letters. These are so simple, but helps children to understand and see the differences.

The sixth video is the first video that deals with counting. Adding things is cute, catchy and helps children learn the concepts of adding things.

The seventh video is one of my favorites…That Pesky Fly video helps with language language development, but also get the child moving and acting out each scene. No one likes that Pesky Fly buzzing all around…so SHOO FLY!!

The next two videos deal with counting skills. Kids love the art and repetition of this Counting 1-5 video and love the simplicity of the Counting by 10’s video. Great learning tools

The next two videos deal with a very difficult concept of opposites. Children often have problems with opposites, but with these songs the child is exposed to probably the most complete compilation of opposites found anywhere. It is great to expose the child to these because they are often used in testing to see if your child is gifted. Give them a head start and show them the videos!

And…of course…the last video is of my famous song, “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.” This song was originally sung to me in 1980 by my daughter, Taylor, when she was 3 years old. Little did I know that she made it up for her “Mommy.” The rest is history! I expanded on the original words, and millions have listened and sung this song as a family together. My daughter will still say..”I love you so much, I love you so much, I can’t even tell you how much I love you, after we have talked on the phone.