Classroom Phonics Kit

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The Classroom Phonics Kit is an effective learning tool for the home and classroom. This set combines the SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING CD, SLL Flashcards and the “Youtube DVD Set of 12 Videos ” at a discount.

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CLASSROOM PHONICS KIT was created for teachers, but can also be used at home and for homeschooling.


This Classroom Phonics Kit has been created mainly for teachers. They have wanted me to offer a special that includes the new Sounds Like Learning Cd, matching flashcards and  “Apple apple Aaa” DVD made famous on Youtube! Here it is! For those who are familiar with my original Sounds Like Fun CD, the only difference is in the phonics song so many people like. I found that this new version was much more effective in helping the young mind decode the letter sounds than the original version from Sounds Like Fun. All other songs are the same as the original CD. If you wish to review the diffeent videos, click on the “Join The Fun” Youtube button to your right.

Although this set was created for the teacher, I have found that parents love this set also because they can work with their children at home. This is a wonderful set for autistic and speech delayed children!