Fingerplays and Fun CD


FINGERPLAYS and FUN CD by Barbara Milne is for children 2 years and up! This music gets your young child up and exercising with the music while learning.
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Grandparents, mothers and babysitters love this CD!

Young children from 2 years and up delight in the fun actions of new songs and old favorites found in FINGERPLAYS and FUN CD by Barbara Milne. The easy tempos and repetition encourage participation as they teach phonemic awareness, body parts, opposites, listening skills and following directions. Excellent for home or school. Especially valuable to 2nd language learners. This CD includes a letter sounds learning chart to go along with the Aa Apple phonics song, plus instructions in using fingerplays and action with the songs.
Songs on CD are:
Preview some songs below.

Pesky Fly
Driving in My Car
Aa Apple Song
1-2-3-4-5 Counting Song
The Circle Song
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Horsey Rides
Down By the Station
Little Duckie Duddle
Ride a Cock Horse
Pat a Cake
Humpty Dumpty