Flash Cards used with SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING CD


Flash cards for Sounds Like Learning's Apple, apple aaa song.

A fun and effective way to interact with your child. Teachers love using these flash cards in the classroom when teaching the letter sounds.

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First and Foremost: These FLASH CARDS are to be used for SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING CD, Not SOUNDS LIKE FUN!

Now teachers and concerned parents have an additional tool in teaching their child the English language. Flash cards are fun, and they work. We have developed a set of 26 cards that correspond with the Apple, apple Aaa song on “SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING” CD. This CD has the updated Letter Sounds song, “Apple apple Aaa as the only difference from the original SOUNDS LIKE FUN CD. This updated song gives hidden letters in each piece of artwork that helps the child decode the letter sounds much better than the original song. If this is not clear, or you wish to evaluate, please click on the”JOIN THE FUN” button to the upper right and it will take you to my Youtube site where you can see all my videos.

These are the perfect size for home and classroom. They are 4.25 inches tall and 17 inches wide. They have been printed on a coated card stock and can be laminated for more durability.

These cards come shrink wrapped from A to Z.

We are excited to now be able to  offer these to our loyal customers who have requested them for years, but were unable to because the cost was prohibitive to manufacture on a small scale. Although these are still not inexpensive, they should last years if they are laminated. If you do not have a laminator, try Staples or Office Depot.