Lullabyes by Barbara Milne CD Download


  • For Ages Birth to Adult!
  • Soothing and relaxed listening!
  • Wonderful for relaxing both children and adults!
  • Soothing sounds of the classical harp!
  • Listen to SOUND CLIPS below!

I know it is hard to imagine, but adults love this CD too. When you are stressed and need to chill, just put on this CD and sit back and listen. It will take you to a special place you knew as a child. Try it…you may like it! If not, your child will. A tender listening experience is offered with this musical CD. It combines traditional and contemporary lullabyes that were recorded with the relaxing and tender voice of Barbara Milne along with the soothing sounds of the classical harp. Check out some song clips by scrolling down on this page.

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Lullabyes by Barbara Milne

The original music is written and sung by Barbara Milne. You’ll find a soothing tone with relaxing melodies! Perfect for children sing alongs! Great for nap time at home or in the learning environment of the classroom. Lullabyes by Barbara Milne is traditional and contemporary music for people of all ages. Even adults love to relax to this music!

Songs on CD are:
Preview some songs below.

Close Your Little Eyes
As the Earth turns Around
Lullaby and Goodnight
German Gradle Song
Golden SlumbersAll the Pretty Little Horses
Rock a Bye Baby
Bed-TimeGo To Sleep My Baby
The Sandman ComesTwinkle Twinkle Little Star
It’s Time For Bed
Now the Day Is Over
Sweet Dreams