Phonics & More CD Download – Barbara Milne


    • Phonics & More  is  for children from 3 to 7 years old
    • This enchanting CD offers a variety of learning skills. Check them out below in the product description. The beautiful background & lovely voice makes this another favorite of the young child. 

Check out song clips by scrolling down this page.


This  Phonics & More CD Download is for children from approximately 3 to about 7  years old,  but is often requested by a wide age range.   Although this music is a little more upbeat than Lullaby Counting and No Fret Alphabet, it still offers the repetition and soothing vocals that  help children learn when in a relaxed state. Your child is also  introduced to counting skills, simple Spanish, days of the week, letter sounds, proper use of the letter “I”, popular nursery rhymes, friendship, American pride and a calming lullaby. Please listen to some of the clips from the CD to see how soothing the CD is.

Songs on CD are:
Preview some songs below.

Letter Sounds
The More We Get Together
Days of the Week
Merry Sunshine
I’m Proud to Live in America
Six Little Ducks
We Can Count by 5′s
Como Te Llamas
Addition Song
Over the River
Warm Fuzzy Person
Proper Use of I
Sweet Dreams