No Fret Alphabet CD


This  CD, NO FRET ALPHABET  is also for children prenatal to about 3 years.  Just like LULLABY COUNTING, this slow, repetitious music with soothing vocals help children learn without pressure! A quiet guitar, strings, soothing voice, very slow rhythm and lots of repetition is used to teach the ABC’s, phonics, and different traditional nursery rhymes that are produced with a very relaxing rhythm.

  • Great for naps and bedtime!
  • An entertaining skill builder!
  • Wonderful for pre-natal use!

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  • No Fret Alphabet CD is a wonderful CD. Makes a wonderful baby shower gift and toddler play date music. Has lots of repetition that the young child loves!
  • No Fret Alphabet CD  is  for children from prenatal to 3
  • Grandparents, mothers and babysitters love them!
  • An enjoyable tender teacher!

This enchanting CD offers a variety of learning skills. The beautiful background & lovely voice makes this another favorite of the young child. 

This  CD is for children from approximately pretatal to about 3  years old,  but is often requested by a wide age range.   These songs are slow and relaxing.  No Fret Alphabet offers the repetition and soothing vocals that  help children learn when in a relaxed state. Your child is also  introduced to counting skills, simple Spanish, days of the week, letter sounds, proper use of the letter “I”, popular nursery rhymes, friendship, American pride and a calming lullaby. Please listen to some of the clips from the CD to see how soothing the CD is.

Songs on CD are:
Preview some songs below.

A Is For Apple
ABC Chant
ABC Song
Little Boy Blue
Twelve Months
Hush Little Baby
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Rock A Bye Baby
This Old Man