Sounds Like Learning IQ Set

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  • This is a set of 4 amazing Cds at great discount.
    1. Sounds Like Learning
    2. Rhymes & Riddles
    3. Phonics & More
    4. Skills with Frills
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SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING IQ SET is a wonderful set of 4 CDs at a great discount. Makes a great baby shower gift and toddler play date music.

SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING IQ SET is  the update of the original SOUNDS LIKE FUN classic with the famous “LETTER SOUNDS” song. The new updated phonics song gives “hidden letters” in each of the artwork that helps the child decode the English language easier.

Grandparents, mothers and babysitters love them!

The SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING IQ SET is a wonderful set of 4 CDs. They offer your young child a collection of Barbara Milne’s original classic songs at a 50% savings. SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING is an update of the original SOUNDS LIKE FUN that was created originally as a tape in 1984. SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING updates the original standard bearer of all Barbara’s products. The SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING IQ SET of  CDs  are tender learning products that introduce the concept of using a soothing voice, slow heart beat music with vocals and lots of repetition to help young children learn without pressure.

Children love this music! Years of research has proven that this method works in helping children learn reading skills, opposites, counting, manners, days of the month, months of the year and much much more.

Give your child the wonderful gift of learning and an early age. It will change his or her life forever!



2. THE LETTER SOUND SONG (Apple, apple, Aaa)  HAS BEEN UPDATED AND CHANGED IN SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING. This song includes hidden letters in the visuals that help the young mind decode the English language even better than the original!

You can go to and see the differences between SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING and SOUNDS LIKE FUN by looking at the two phonics videos.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    WOW! You have no idea are extremely ecstatic I was when I accidentally landed upon Barbara Milne’s Website a few weeks ago. My daughter was born in 1984. I had purchased the Sounds Like Fun cassette tape from Discovery Toys when she was about 10 months old. We played it daily at bedtime, playtime, you name it. When she was 3 and went off to her first year of pre-school she sang that little alphabet song to her teacher who just couldn’t believe what she was hearing from this little sweetie pie in her sweet little voice as she sang it holding her little stuffed animal ELMO. The manners song, the counting song, and more………..she LOVED it! I believe I wore that cassette out! I thought it was gone forever because I don’t believe Discovery Toys exists anymore and I couldn’t find where to get another one! I also am a Kindergarten teacher of 42 years. I use lots of music and learning songs in my classroom, especially at our cool down (nap) time! I also play very soft background music during certain activity times. Well, I recently ordered your Sounds Like Learning IQ Set for next year’s class! Oh my gosh, I felt like I discovered a gold mine! The unique soothing music, simple lyrics, repetition, and gentle voice of Barbara definitely is a key to accelerating a child’s learning. Unbelievable! My daughter just got married last summer. I know that when she has her first little one that I am all ready to purchase the complete set of CD’s for her! Maybe DVD’s too! I also bought your app just recently for my iPad mini that I use in my classroom! Believe me, I have shared and promoted your site and products to many of my colleagues! You should be getting some orders from them!! I know that one in particular will be ordering a number of products from you!!! She always trusts my suggestions! 🙂
    Thank you SO much!
    Deborah L. Erne

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