Sounds Like Learning Bedtime Set


4 CDs in one amazing bundle.  Great savings!

  1. Sounds Like Learning
  2. Lullaby Counting
  3. Lullabies
  4. No Fret Alphabet
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Sounds Like Learning Bedtime Set

Sounds Like Learning Bedtime Set is great for babies up to 3 years old. Sounds Like Learning, Lullaby Counting, No Fret Alphabet and the Barbara Milne Lullabye. Get a wonderful set of 4 CDs and save $20. SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING is an update of the original classic with the famous “LETTER SOUNDS” song that I have found to be more effective in teaching the sounds of the English language.

Makes a wonderful baby shower gift. This set is great for new mothers who want to help their child enjoy nap time and bed time. Children look forward to going to bed with these soothing songs and relaxing beat.

These four CDs make a wonderful gift for the new mother. The CDs are soothing and slow and mellow…wonderful to put the newborn to sleep. They will settle the baby down and helps the child to learn to enjoy sleep time. The adult may not like the repetition found in the music, but the child craves it and needs it for early brain development.

Please check out the contents of each CD in the CD section. You can listen to clips of each of the songs to get an idea of how wonderfully soothing they are.

Grandparents, mothers and babysitters love them!