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Letter Fun Lotto Game  is a phonics game that builds on the listening experience gained by children listening to the “Apple apple Aaa” song from SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING CD

Letter Fun Lotto Game was developed for Discovery Toys

This game offers your child practice in mastering alphabet letter shapes and sounds, plus alphabet-inspired nouns. As your child matches the “Hidden Letter” illustrations with letter shapes, he’ll be strengthening emerging reading and spelling skills. Use cards alone to practice spelling words. Lots of game-playing possibilities for many levels of skill and interest. Includes 4 lotto boards, 36 cards, and 50 plastic markers.

from 3 years to primary school. This makes phonics, and phonemic training fun!

More information taken from review of game.

Letter Fun Lotto is a versatile game that helps children (ages 3 and up) explore letters and sounds through play. The game includes four double-sided lotto boards, 36 letter cards, 50 round markers, and instructions for four different games. The two sides of the lotto cards allow older parents to tailor the game to their child’s ability, as one side is more advanced than the other. This game covers all 26 letters of the alphabet.

The colorful, illustrated lotto boards can be used with the letter cards to play a simple matching game or a more complex matching game. The letter cards can also be used to build words or rhyming words. The letter cards are double-sided: one side has the letter alone, while the other side has hidden picture cues. Our favorite game was Bingo, which uses the lotto boards, the letter cards, and the round markers.

When playing Letter Fun Lotto with my 4-year-old and 6-year-old, we explored all four game options. My 4-year-old enjoyed the matching games, but they were too simple for my 6-year-old. My 6-year-old enjoyed building words with the letter cards, but my 4- year-old wasn’t able to. They both enjoyed playing Bingo, and we played several rounds of the game so that they each had a chance to win. Their 2-year-old brother wanted to be included in the fun, so we helped him play along.

It helped us to realize that there are two different sides of the lotto boards: a simpler side that uses only picture cues that match the letter cards and a more difficult side that uses different pictures. We needed to put the 4-year-old on the simpler side, and though my 6-year-old is reading, he sometimes needed to be reminded to look at the letter on the card and not the picture while playing Bingo.

The versatility of this game makes it especially beneficial. It can be used in many different ways to enhance learning, both as part of a structured lesson time or as a part of a family play time. Letter Fun Lotto truly involves both play and learning, and more importantly . . . children enjoy it!

In conclusion, Barbara Milne’s Sounds Like Phonics games and CDs have helped me focus on my preschool children, who sometimes get lost in the shuffle of older siblings’ schoolwork and the household chores. Mrs. Milne’s products provided a fun learning environment for our young children and allowed us to enjoy spending time with them.