Sounds Like Learning D’nealian Alphabet Card Download


D’nealian version of the SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING alphabet card chart. Now in PDF form and printable on 8.5 x 11in format.

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For those of you who have wanted a D’nealian version of the SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING alphabet card chart that came with the Sounds Like Learning package, you may now download a PDF that can be printed in 8.5×11 size. It is a wonderful tool to be used in the classroom. My recommendation is to print the front side of card stock or index card with the A-M file and then turn it over and print the N-Z file on the back and then laminate for protection. It works great! I have used these in the classroom for years! Whether you have 1 child or a group in the classroom, these cards are a must! Children beg to do this “Apple apple Aaa” song every day and love to use their “own” cards to follow along. Try it with your own child and see the magic!

SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING CD  is  an update of the original classic, SOUNDS LIKE FUN with the famous “LETTER SOUNDS” song.Sounds Like Learning D’nealian Alphabet Card Download

SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING CD and SOUNDS LIKE FUN are identical, except for the “Apple apple Aaa” phonics song. The updated song found on SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING  now includes hidden letters in the artwork. A D’Nealean version of this chart is also available for download. If you need the alphabet chart for the original Sounds Like Fun CD, it is available too