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Special Features

  • 65 minutes of soothing music with voice & guitar Children love it!
  • Non-pressure approach to teaching skills children will need in school.
  • Valuable phonics chart in full color.
  • Contents include: Phonics, ABC’s, Counting 1-30, Counting by 10’s, Addition, Manners, Opposites, Simple Spanish, Months of the Year, Lullabies, and Children’s Favorites

Selling Points

  • Great for naps & bedtime! Has over 60 minutes of soothing music.
  • Calms children on car trips, bath time, or while playing with toys.
  • Wonderful for remedial purposes and an invaluable tool for early auditory learning.
  • Inexpenisive purchase considering the many hours and years it can be used.
  • Fantastic aid to fathers or baby-sitters when Mom is away.

Educational Play Value

  • Based on concept that learning and remembering increases when a person is relaxed.
  • Tempo is slow and non-frustrating. Children can hear and learn more easily.
  • Repetition is abundant, unlike other recordings available. While repetition may bore adults, it gives young children comfort and security.
  • Introduces lower case letters. This is important because they occur most frequently in reading.
  • Strengthens left to right progression.
  • Promotes auditory and pre-reading skills, math, and language development.
  • Gives children that first magical experience of reading something in print.

Demonstration Suggestions

  • Play the music softly in the background as people are arriving at your toy demonstration, or at your conference booth. This creates a pleasant atmosphere and stimulates interest.
  • This method often SELLS! Play the first two lines of the “Apple apple, Aaa” song and show the ABC chart with it, pointing to Apple, apple, Aaa, etc. Explain the points under Educational Play Value before you play the lines.
  • If you can’t play the CD, explain the education value and be sure to show the phonics chart. Explain the importance of the hidden letters that are placed over each picture. Let them know that this increases retention and helps the child decode the letters.
  • Take several CDs with you to your demos. They are light and easy to pack. Guests will be thrilled to have something so special to take home that day.

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About the Creator

BARBI 2-3 2015

Barbara Milne is the vocalist and composer for the original songs on this CD. Mrs. Milne has a background in children’s music, early childhood education and psychology, with a degree in education from the University of Southern California. She also has over 35 years experience as an elementary school teacher and Parent Ed. Preschool instructor. Mrs Milne has a line of learning CD’s videos, and games that develop the young mind.

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