Our Teaching Method

Barbara Milne Teaching Classroom

Our products have been developed to teach the young child many essential skills in a non-threatening manner. They have been used in homes for over 30 years and they really work!
We offer a relaxed learning experience for your child using soothing and relaxing vocals and music with lots of repetition that children need and love.


  • Phonics Manners
  • Counting Opposites
  • Math readiness
  • Calendar skills
  • Lullabyes
  • Months of the year
  • Days of the week
  • Rhyming words
  • Alphabet
  • Nursery rhymes

We discovered that children enjoy the CDs and begin learning new skills from the songs at their own speed without feeling the pressure to learn. Confidence in school improves with each skill that is learned. We also discovered, as a bonus, that most children look forward to hearing the CDs at bedtime and this can make going to bed a very pleasant affair!!

As we observed how easily little children could learn these skills from music, long before they would need them in school, we searched for more information regarding these two questions:

  1.  Is early learning truly that beneficial in the long run?
  2. Will a child remember these skills since they learned them with so little conscious effort?

Research on learning in a Relaxed State

1. Is it effective?
2. Is it lasting?

Dr. Georgi Lozanov of Bulgaria has spent many years studying how to expand the powers of the mind through suggestion. He calls it suggestology. His thousands of controlled test results reveal that his method

1. Speeds up learning five to fifty times.
2. Increases retention
3. Requires virtually no effort on the part of the students,
4. Reaches retarded and brilliant, young and old alike
5. Requires no special equipment
In a month he is able to teach “students with no prior knowledge of a language to accept two to three thousand vocabulary words and have a good grasp of the grammar. Tests a year later show they still know all the material learned in this incredible effortless way.”
Below is Lozanov’s method and how it compares with the use of our CDs.

1. Students relax in reclining chairs1. Child is reclining in bed
2. Lighting is subdued2. At bedtime, lights are off
3. Students listen to gentle, soothing music3. Music on the CD's is soft & gentle
4. Against the background of music the teacher’svoice repeats the lessons in a special rhythm, on a special scale of intonation.4. The singing voice dominates as it repeats the lessons against the musical background.

This information is taken from the book, “Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain”, by Ostranger. (Pages 291-295)
Barbara Milne’s CDs do not use the total Lozanov method that is quite technical and precise, but it does present learning material in a relaxed manner. Research has shown that retention increases when a person is comfortable and free from distractions. All this adds up to one powerful combination. Take a learning method which increases retention and offer it to a child during the years when his ability to absorb information and his desire to do so are at their peak.

Our Answer

This is the purpose of Barbara Milne’s line of CD’s. The songs have been written and tested with relaxed learning and repetition in mind. We are happy to share these special learning tools with your family and hope that it will bring you the hours of learning and pleasure that so many others have experienced. Now you can take advantage of those precious minutes every day when your child is in the car, or more ideally, WHEN he has a peaceful and optimum learning environment as he or she drifts off to sleep.

Suggestions for using Barbara Milne’s CDs

1. Play them regularly at nap and bedtime.

2. If your child sleeps over at someones house, send the CD along. It will provide a feeling of security and if there are children in the other house, they can enjoy it too.

3. Play the CDs occasionally in the car or in the house. Children enjoy singing along as they learn the songs. They also make soothing background music while they play with their toys.

4. Use the sing along sheet that is included with all the verses to the songs.