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Parents, Teachers, Grandparents, and Loved ones.

> All four of my children enjoyed Sounds like Fun when they were growing up. It certainly helped them learn their letter sounds.  Can you believe my eldest son became an attorney at the United States Supreme Court, drafting and editing documents that interpret our laws and Constitution?  I am so proud–especially because I taught him to read.  Your song was part of that! Now I’m buying your Master Set for my granddaughter!  As we started teaching her the ABC’s, we of course remembered the apple song.  The whole family tried to remember all the pictures for each letter–and only forgot “j for jelly”.  ( We guessed ‘jacket’ but knew it was wrong.)  Anyway, my youngest is 19. I hope you’re pleased to know your song stayed with them these many years. I was thrilled to find the song online, as well as the entire CD with so many sweet little tunes. Thanks for your contribution to our family, especially now that there’s a second generation!
Kind regards,
Cathy Morrissey

 >My mom used to play your tape for me when I was a baby. Many years later, we still had it and would play it on the old cassette player until it broke. Finally I was able to find a digital copy and now whenever we are in the car my 4 year old tells me “Put on a baby song! I want the Apple Apple A-A-A song!” This one, the opposites song, and the manners one are her favorites. :)


Comments from our YouTube Channel

>I grew up with these songs, and my mom found the CD ten years ago when my little sister was a baby. I’ve been looking and looking and couldn’t find it anywhere! Now I found it! I want to have it around for my son now. good memories. precious songs. :)

>My daughter has disabilities and has trouble speaking. Your video has done more for her language skills than three years of speech therapy. There is no way I can thank you enough. Please keep doing what you are doing. God bless you.

>The tempo on these CDs make it easy for children to sing along, unlike many on the market. My daughter’s absolute favorite is the Letter Sounds Song on “Phonics & More”. She is quite proud of the fact that she’s reading and singing.
– J.R. California 

>I have ordered a number of these CDs and really recommend them. My little granddaughter, age 3, sang the songs in the car for 2 hours. She really enjoyed the songs and so did I! My neighbor’s child, a very active 2-year-old boy, listens to his CD and even plays it by himself. It really settled him down so he could take his nap without fussing. A real godsend!
– D.L. Texas

>There is something about your CD’s soothing quality that is appealing to children. The tunes stay on their mind and they learn the information so easily? We just love your I Love You So Much Lullabyes!”
– S.E. Florida

>After listening to your CD once in our car, our 4 year old neighbor went home singing the alphabet sounds and raving about the CD. His mother said she just had to have one if her son was that excited about learning the letter sounds!
– L.I. New York

>Thank you so very much for the new collection of CDs for Caroline. We are introducing them individually. You have made bedtime so much more enjoyable for all of us. Now, we hear you throughout the day in the car. She loves hearing your version of songs she already knows. I have sung “Skidda –ma- rinka dink since she was an infant. You should have seen her eyes light up when she heard your sing it. What delight you bring us everyday.
– Julie & Caroline, Fullerton, California.

From Teachers

>I teach first grad in a low income, inner city, minority school. Your CDs have taught my students some many wonderful things I can hardly begin to tell them all to you. The children have learned polite words, counting skills and most of all the phonics, which is the key to reading the door of opportunity, has been opened for them. Thanks for a great teaching tool. No child should be without them.
– Vivian S, Houston, Texas