What Every Good Parent Should Know

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Is your child’s future determined at birth because of the genes passed down from mom and dad?

Not when you realize that babies are born with only 100,000 genes compared to 100 billion neurons or brain cells!! The more those brain cells are connected, the smarter your child can become.That means that every minute you spend enriching your child’s environment can affect your child’s future. In fact, if you follow some of the suggestions below, you can actually change the structure of your child’s brain so that learning will become easier.

What can you do?

Cuddle your baby and talk, talk, talk!

A) Talk slowly with a higher pitched voice.
B) Allow your baby to watch your mouth and face as you form words.
C) Sing smile tunes to your baby, even if you think you can’t sing well. It will still help you baby learn and speak sooner.

Snuggle and read,read, read!

A) Choose simple books with bright pictures.
B) Choose some books that rhyme or even have music to accompany the words.

Set time aside and play, play, play! Children can develop an enormous number of skills if you chose their toys carefully.

A) Choose toys that engage your child’s mind, not just toys with an on and off button.
B) Choose a variety of toys to develop math, reading , ball skills, creativity and more.

Expose your child to abundant musical experiences.

A) Babies can even learn from music in the womb. Rhythm and repetition increases learning at all ages.
B) Get out a pan and a spoon or real musical instruments that you and you child can use to tap rhythms together.
C) Play simple music with clear lyrics and simple tunes such as nursery rhymes that you and your child can sing together.

Most of all, enjoy as much precious time as you can. It’s the best investment you can make!!!

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